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They felt he was a publicity seeker and I know for a fact he had never been trusted with any teachings in writing. Dafo and I called Gerald 'The Old Boy'— he was a lovely old man and generous to a fault, people often took advantage of him. A s a minor show-biz celebrity connected with the entertainment world, Patricia became a frequent guest on radio talk shows, appeared regularly on local television, and traveled up and down the country giving lectures at Universities and other institutions in her efforts to dispel the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the Craft and the Old Religion.

Patricia Crowther. In London, Eleanor was accomplishing much the same in her own way, she was always willing to pose for photographers or give interviews to authors, journalists and researchers. She was motivated not out of personal gain or recognition, but simply trying to represent Wicca and Witchcraft in a positive light. Her sincere hope was that modern society would eventually accept Wicca as a legitimate religion, equal alongside others such like Christianity and Buddhism etc.

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In June Eleanor invited a newspaper photographer to photograph parts of a secret initiation ceremony held in the remote witches cottage deep in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire. Initiations at the cottage were always conducted skyclad naked …. Cottage in Locket Wood, Hertfordshire.

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Rollright Stones circle in Wiltshire. Their battle to discredit Sanders had little effect however, except to emphasize the Gardnerians mis-trust of others outside of their own tradition, for Sanders succeeded in forming an equally strong and influential tradition, the Alexandrian Tradition. Eleanor however did gain some ground that year when she was chosen to replace Harold Wilson, the Prime Minister, as an honorary member of the Oxford University Liberal Club.

Also in Eleanor purchased a cottage in the village of Blindcrake, near Cockermouth , Cumbria, the county in northern England she had grown to love while working through the war years.

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This she had renovated for use as her home in the country where she could take a break from the pace and pressures of life living in London. She also started a new coven there, which soon caught the attention of the local news media:. New Brooms For Old. Eleanor Bone, one of our leading modern witches, is planning to form a coven in Cumberland. At present Mrs. But she has taken a cottage at Blindcrake, near Cockermouth, and is now busy modernizing it before moving in.

She says that even before they thought of moving to Cumberland, she had a number of letters from people in the area expressing interest in the craft. Bone will not find things easy in Cumberland, which, he says, is already full of witches and warlocks. One might, I think, reassure walkers who climb the Great Gable or stride along Striding Edge, that they need not fear meeting any air-borne witches or warlocks.

Modern witches do not fly, not even on vacuum cleaners!

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She was also considered an authority on curses and spells, and during a trip to the United States was asked to participate in a US television chat show with another curse authority, the eccentric Sybil Leek. Sybil Leek. In Eleanor went on a pilgrimage to Tunis where she visited the grave of Gerald B. While there she learned from the Chaplin that the Tunisian Government would shortly be turning the cemetery into a public park.

He explained that if she wished to disinter his remains and move them to another location, that this could be arranged. Cults associated with the Greek goddesses Demeter and Persephone and the Roman goddess Juno were also worshiped there. While Eleanor arranged all this in his honour, she never made mention of it again publicly. Larry at the time was working in North Africa, and Patricia took the opportunity to charge Larry with finding his grave. Taking a short break from his work to visit Tunis, he managed to track down the location of the grave and in the short time available to him, arranged for the ground to be cleared and the gravestone re-erected.

A new plaque was then added on top of the gravestone. Gerald Brosseau Gardner. Author Archaeologist Artist. Father of Modern Wica. Beloved of the Great Goddess.

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After years of living within the hustle and bustle of London, in Eleanor and Bill decided to move back to the peace and quite of Cumbria full-time. This time they bought a small nursing home in Alston, which at feet above sea level is one of the highest market village settlements in England. At its peak Alston was once a thriving lead-mining area and home to about a 7, people, but today its population has dropped to less than 1, Sadly just a few years after moving into their new nursing home, they were forced to close it down due to financial mismanagement.

Effectively made bankrupt and without other funds they were appointed a council house in the next village Garrigill, situated just a few miles away from where the nursing home had been located. Alston Village and Garrigill Village. Perhaps due to the stress of the sudden move into poorer circumstances, Eleanor and Bill later became estranged, but continued to live together in the council house until he passed away on the 24th of August Marian Singer.

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