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It was designed with a team of 7 kids, who injected it with imagination and humour, while pushing for creative approaches to the presentation of educational content.

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The game doesn't attempt to teach dry skills; rather, its goal is to stimulate discussion and raise awareness about tough questions. Rather than teaching children to memorize ways they can avoid "stranger danger," the game facilitates the development of autonomous privacy decision making skills.

In so doing, children can use the game to practice making assessments about which individuals or companies they should share their information with, as well as critically thinking about what the consequences of those choices may be. Produced by.

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The Watchers

Play Now! The app guides the players and shows the story unfold as they play the board game. He tells Michael to inform Semyaza that they will die together with their wives and children in their defilement. He is to bind them for 70 generations beneath rocks until the day of judgment.

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They will then be led into the bottom of fire, where they will be locked up in prison and in torment forever. All those who collaborated with the Watchers will be similarly punished. Finally, Michael is to eradicate injustice from the face of the Earth. The Watchers call to the prophet Enoch for help, and he hears them in a dream vision. Upon awakening, he tells Azazel there will be no peace for him, for a grave judgment has come upon him.


Enoch then speaks to all the Watchers, who are full of fear and trembling. They beg him to write a prayer of forgiveness for them. Enoch records their prayers and petitions and then reads them until he falls asleep.

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He has another dream vision in which he sees plagues. When he awakens, he goes to the Watchers and reprimands them for their sins and tells them their petitions will not be heard. Enoch nonetheless tries to intercede on behalf of the Watchers but is refused by God. God says that their giant offspring shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, for they will dwell on the earth and in the earth.

He tells Enoch to inform the Watchers that because they have rejected heaven, they shall have no peace. They are dejected and silent. Each Watcher has 70 names corresponding to the 70 languages of the world, and all of them are based on the name of God.

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Such sparks and lightning shoot forth from them that no angels, not even the seraphim, can look upon them. The Watchers are praised with the praise of the Shekinah, and God does nothing without taking their counsel. They function as officers in the heavenly court and debate and close each case that comes up for judgment. They announce the verdicts, proclaim the sentences, and sometimes go down to Earth to carry out the sentences. A Qumran text called the Testament of Amran Q, — , which exists only in several fragments and manuscripts, concerns the Watchers. In Manuscript B Fragment 1, the anonymous author describes a dream vision in which two Watchers are fighting over him.

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One of them has a terrifying appearance, like a serpent wearing a dark cloak of many colors. Fragment 2 identifies Belial as one of the Watchers. He has three titles, Belial, Prince of Darkness, and King of Evil, and he is empowered over all darkness and his every way, and every work are darkness.