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Which is best for you? It depends on a few factors. Hungry for more TFSA info? We have a whole lot more information on TFSAs here. Though RRSPs have a reputation as being impenetrable until retirement without huge tax consequences, there are a couple of ways you can crack them open without penalty. Read the fine print here. This guide will offer solid advice on diversifying. But wait! How could we forget the mandatory disclosures? Investments are speculative and past results should never be understood to be guarantees, but instead imperfect predictors of future performance.

If we history is our guide, the most reliable way to make your million dollars grow is through stock market investments. But which one? The point is: stock picking is really, really hard. Government-issued bonds are considerably less risky than stocks, and for this reason investments in bonds are a tried and true method to counteract the volatility of the stock market within a portfolio.

What Should I Do With My $10,000 Tax Return?

In reality, many speculators have found themselves ruined through unwise decisions. There is, however, one way to reap the benefits of the real estate market without ever having to change a light bulb, fix a leaky faucet, or track down rent from weasly tenants; real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are big firms that divvy up and sell shares in their real estate investments. This kind of diversification means they tend to perform well in different kinds of market conditions, though with investing there are no guarantees.

Rather than sweating the details, you can have a special portfolio built according to your risk tolerance and goals and get back to the truly important stuff in your life, like those dragons in Westeros. That being said, there are some best practices we recommend for all investments.

This is a perk that anyone investing k or more should take advantage of. Hold on, you might be thinking. The funds will be throwing off returns that far exceed those of the stock market as a whole.

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Most studies show that professionals paid to pick stocks will fail to outperform the overall market over the long term. One particularly effective way is through passive investing, that is: buy an ETF that requires no management so has very low fees. Rather than attempting to beat the market, an ETF simply mirrors the market, a job easily handled by a computer algorithm. Low fee passive portfolios of ETFs can be designed with any goal, time horizon, and risk tolerance in mind. If safety is what you're looking for then you will need to look for low-risk investment, although you should know that with investing, there are no guarantees.

Stocks, being naturally risky, will fluctuate in value.

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  • The 7 Most Common Estate-Planning Myths?
  • In exchange for taking on this risk, investors will generally be rewarded with higher returns than they'd get from less risky investments. These accounts typically carry virtually no risk but over the long term, your returns will likely be a fraction of a portfolio of ETFs of stocks, bonds and real estate. Government bonds come with less risk, but also provide comparatively low returns.

    Stocks behave a little like a penny tossed in the air; the more times you do it, the more likely it is you'll get to a one-to-one heads-to-tails ratio. The range of outcomes tend to narrow over time, so in the past, those who held onto a variety of stock investments for more than a decade were most likely rewarded with returns that offset any short-term risk. Conventional wisdom states that the longer your investment horizon, the higher the ratio of stocks to bonds your portfolio should contain.

    If you don't need your money in the short term, you can afford to ride the wave of the stock market. As long as it takes you 2 years or less to get it all completely gone. That in between area is debatable. It all depends on your savings rate, spending priorities, and plans for the long and short term.

    Either way, educating yourself on any topic in finances is awesome no matter what position you are in. December 20, , am. Thank you for this! Since I should be able to clear the worst of the debt consumer by this time next year!

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    Always around, Mr. MM and always happy to see one of your posts in my inbox. There is an audio version of my book, in my own voice no less. Maybe that would work better for your cousin? Jim, I saw the book up there and was all excited- I bought the book a few months ago, and loved it. Read your entire stock market series, and have been trying to get my cousin who keeps asking me financial advise to read it.

    Tara November 29, , pm. In the event of a crash, I will spend the CD money, but so far I have only sold stocks as the market has been good.

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    So far, so good. I live in the PNW and visit Canada typically 2 to 3 times a year. Unless I am missing something I cannot figure out a way to move to Canada without marrying a Canadian. Is there a way I am not considering?

    The 7 Most Common Estate-Planning Myths

    I love the US and would miss some aspects of it, but it has become tremendously politically distasteful to me and the fact that as a nation we treat our poor so horribly wealth gap, no universal health care, lack of safety nets has created a strong desire to head north to a country that looks like, at least to the outside, it values its people more.

    Henry — My biggest secret to avoiding those problems you mentioned about the US is simply not reading the political news! I still know what is happening and I am doing my best to improve the country, from the position of most advantage: as a relatively wealthy person who also has the good fortune of having the attention of a good number of online readers. So my own personal life is great here. But if my goal is to help reduce the corruption and inefficiency that handicap this country and by extension affect the rest of the world , this is also a good place to live. A very pragmatic post.

    Fun to see Collins chiming in. I fantasize about the opposite.

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    I researched housing costs in the Greater Phoenix Area, and was astounded to find out how much further my money would go down here than in the Toronto area where I live. I then checked the housing prices in another half-dozen desirable bedroom communities near larger cities, safe, good weather, etc. The U. Hmmmm…maybe the grass IS greener on the other side! Kent December 2, , am. Just returned from a month in Arizona, although my preference is at altitude in Tucson. And I fly as the driving would drive me nuts. The month before that I spent in California.

    So all in all, I sure like the states…. Next stop, Australia. Tough to find a partner who might wish to share the snowbird way of life.. Hey, I love Tucson as well.

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    Australia is great I did 2 months there and a month in New Zealand. Take time to get into the culture, and go everywhere, including the outback. I live in Canada because I was too stupid and lazy to figure out earlier in my life the way MMM did that if you are intelligent, have income earning potential, and are a saver and investor, the opportunities for a more financially lucrative and interesting life experience in general are in the U. Politics notwithstanding. Like MMM, I learned to tune out the noise and live my own life. Happy travels and wanderings!