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Blood clots are preventable and can be safely treated.

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You can reduce your risk by learning some of the best ways to protect yourself from life-threatening blood clots. Finding a healthcare professional who understands fully the complexities of blood clotting disorders, and who you can trust and consider a good partner in your care, is one of the most important decisions you will make if you think you may be at risk for blood clots, or if you have been diagnosed with blood clots in your legs deep vein thrombosis or DVT or blood clots in your lungs pulmonary embolism or PE. If you need help finding a doctor who specializes in blood clots or blood clotting disorders visit here: Find A Doctor Resources.

Learn more about blood clot treatment here: Blood Clot Treatment. Help women understand the blood clot risks connected to several important life stages, including birth control and family planning , pregnancy and childbirth and the treatment of menopause symptoms.

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The National Blood Clot Alliance is your community connection. For four years now, this remarkable online peer-to-peer community has grown dramatically, and demonstrated day-in and day-out the strength and inspiration that we derive from one another.

Please join us. It only takes a few minutes to learn more at the link below and then register: Peer Support.

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Personal storytelling is one of the most successful awareness-building tools we have to improve understanding about blood clots. For more than 15 years, NBCA has been telling your stories — on our website, in our educational programs, and with our day-to-day efforts to advocate for all people affected by blood clots and clotting disorders. You can read these stories here: Personal Perspectives. Print Glossary.

Detecting early signs of cancer in the blood

Bone pain is the most common early symptom of myeloma. Most patients feel pain in their back or ribs, but it can occur in any bone. The pain is usually constant and made worse by movement. Normally, bone is remodeled, or broken down and replaced, continuously in the body to keep it strong.

Blood Cancer Symptoms and Signs

This leads to holes in the bones, called lytic spots, and osteoporosis low bone density. Bones can become frail enough to break or fracture in a minor fall or injury and even during normal activities, such as walking, lifting, sneezing or coughing.

If not treated, the thin bones can cause long-lasting bone pain. Fatigue and weakness as a result of low red blood cell counts anemia. Myeloma patients may fatigue more easily and feel weak. Anemia is a common medical problem for patients with myeloma, and may contribute to the fatigue.

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Frequent infections due to a weakened immune system. A urinary tract, bronchial, lung, skin or other type of infection may be the first sign of the disease. In addition, recurrent infections may complicate the course of the disease.