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Secret Obsession. A Deep Dark Secret.

Code of Honor

One In A Million. Changing Faces. A Taste of Reality.

Here And Now. Behind Closed Doors. Follow Kimberla On Social Media.

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Upcoming Events May Marsh travels to a small town in North Carolina to investigate a ghost story, where he meets Lexie Darnell. As the two grow close, Marsh must decide whether to stay with the woman he loves or return to his life of luxury in New York City. But their domestic bliss is interrupted when he receives a number of unsettling emails from a mysterious sender that threaten their happy future together. After the tragedy, he is inspired to re-enlist, leaving Savannah behind.

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John returns home to find his true love married, which he must come to terms with. But after Gabby Holland moves in next door, Travis becomes smitten with her—even though she already has a longtime boyfriend. As a relationship develops, the pair must confront what true love really means. Believing that the photo is a good-luck charm, Logan sets off to find the woman in the picture. His search leads him to Elizabeth, a single mom living in North Carolina. They fall in love, but a secret in Logan's past may destroy them.

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  • As a result, she becomes angry and estranged from both of them. Two years after the divorce, Veronica's mother decides that she wants her to spend the whole summer with her father in Wilmington.

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    This Sparks book was also made into a movie. The feature starred Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. As they proceed to honor their mentor's last wishes, Amanda and Dawson rekindle their romance.

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    • After surviving a car crash, Ira is visited by a vision of his dead wife, Ruth. Sophia, meanwhile, meets and falls for a cowboy named Luke. As the plot advances, Ira's and Sophia's lives intertwine in unseen ways.

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      Colin soon encounters Maria, a woman whose loving home environment could not be more different than Colin's. As the two slowly fall in love, Maria begins receiving anonymous messages that could wreck her romance. But Green's life is soon upended when his wife decides to leave him and their child behind in pursuit of a new career. Green must quickly adapt to life as a single father while learning to rely on others to help him get by. As with all Sparks novels, there's a romance, too, as Russell reconnects with a former girlfriend and sparks fly.

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      But the sights, smells, and sounds inside the walls of the rehabilitation center made him want to get the hell out of the facility faster than a cat with its tail on fire. Not yet. He was going to a wedding. His heart twisted, his palms grew clammy, and he clutched the ring box in his left hand as regret warred with guilt, creating a vile taste in his mouth.

      Reaper was marrying Delaney, the only woman Tuck had ever trusted with his heart. She was the woman he could see himself spending the rest of his life with.