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This is private if you wish it to be, and no-one but you have to read it. Be direct and authentic. You can write your personal manifesto in many different ways. Short or long, simple or more complex. It can define all areas of your life, or only a few. It can focus on goals, or more general live-by guidelines. You might want it to be written in the form of short single sentences, or more like a story. Keeping it simple: You can start off with three basic components: Wisdom, goals and beliefs. You can make is as simple as that.

Write a header for each of the three topics, and let the pen do the rest. Write down what wisdom is to you, what you know to be true, what your beliefs are, then write down what your goals are and so forth. Keep it on point. Limit each topic to one page. For example: I know how valuable I am. My life is beautiful. Nature is perfect. Defining the areas of your life manifesto: You can make a list of the areas of your life that you want to address.

A Biologist's Manifesto for Preserving Life on Earth

It can be your love life, your relationships, your work life, your financial goals and your health. For example, you can write how you would like your health to grow and manifest. What do you want it to look like, and what do you want to be able to do physically? Each area gets its own section, where you can put in writing everything that rings true to you about the topic. This is all about what you want to leave behind.

What you want to look back at when this life comes to an end. Your core beliefs, but also your victories and successes. You might include areas as:. The specific goal setting manifesto: Write out exactly what it is that you want to do. Be specific. Start with your overall plan, and break it down to specifics.

What is your desired outcome? How much money do you want to make, or who do you want to meet? Where do you want to travel, or what other dream do you long to accomplish? It can be related to any aspect of your life, as long as you know exactly what you want. The values and personal power manifesto: Write down the answer to some simple yet profound questions. Do some deep soul searching and write a general declaration of your core beliefs, wisdom and understanding. Use the answers to each of these or similar questions as an outline for your written statements.

Humanist Manifesto I

Use a language that is firm and positive. Make it uplifting. Bring out your positive notes, and dig deep for those inspiring words. While reading them, they should not only uplift and give you a boost. They should fire up the whole universe. Be direct and to the point. You do not want to be reading your declaration, wondering what exactly it is that you mean. Too many fancy words will only clutter the message.

The Soul Manifesto | Join FREE to Discover Your Soul Manifesto

Use affirmative and strong language. Be precise and speak in a tone of solution and success. Never use the negatives. Remember, you are going to keep reading it. Start simple and add on as needed. I have both added and subtracted from my manifesto. It is a tool that will give you more and more as you give it more, by reading and rewriting. Write in the present tense. When you write about the future, it will stay in the future. All there really is, is the now , and so writing in the present tense is the most powerful.

It is confirming that it is already done. As you write, also envision it with your inner eye.

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See it as done. It has a very powerful energy. Take your time. Let your personal manifesto be an honoring of your life.

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  • By writing it you are acknowledging its significance, and that it is worth spending some quality time on. If you choose to find your pen and paper, it will automatically take more time. On the computer, we are more prone to multitask. The creation of it in itself is very powerful. Imagine you are writing a letter to the Creator, declaring your life purpose and willingness to better yourself and to be more aware and mindful. Let it all come forth.

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    Let the inner most beliefs and motives surface on each of the topics that you choose. We are after the core values. That which makes it all true for you. We are one of its present-day products, having arrived as a fortunate species of old-world primate. And it happened only a geological eye-blink ago. Our physiology and our minds are adapted for life in the biosphere, which we have only begun to understand. We are now able to protect the rest of life, but instead we remain recklessly prone to destroy and replace a large part of it.

    The Pitch Podcast Manifesto

    Earth remains a little-known planet. Scientists and the public are reasonably familiar with the vertebrates fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals , mostly because of their large size and immediate visible impact on human life. The best known of the vertebrates are the mammals, with about 5, species known and, according to experts, a few dozen remaining to be discovered.

    Birds have 10, recognized species, with an average of two or three new species turning up each year. Reptiles are reasonably well known, with slightly more than 9, species recognized and 1, estimated to await discovery. Fishes have 34, known species and as many as 10, awaiting discovery. Amphibians frogs, salamanders, wormlike caecilians , among the most vulnerable to destruction, are less well known than the other land vertebrates: a bit over 6, species discovered out of a surprising 16, believed to exist.

    Flowering plants come in with about , species known and as many as 94, awaiting discovery. For most of the rest of the living world, the picture is radically different. When expert estimates for invertebrates such as the insects, crustaceans, and earthworms are added to estimates for algae, fungi, mosses, and gymnosperms as well as for bacteria and other microorganisms, the total added up and then projected has varied wildly, from 5 million to more than million species.

    If the current rate of basic descriptions and analyses continues, we will not complete the global census of biodiversity—what is left of it—until well into the 23rd century. Further, if Earth's fauna and flora is not more expertly mapped and protected, and soon, the amount of biodiversity will be vastly diminished by the end of the present century. Humanity is losing the race between the scientific study of global biodiversity and the obliteration of countless still-unknown species. From to , 57 kinds of freshwater fish declined to extinction in North America.

    The causes included the damming of rivers and streams, the draining of ponds and lakes, the filling in of springheads, and pollution, all due to human activity. Here, to bring them at least a whisper closer to their former existence, is a partial list of their common names: Maravillas red shiner, plateau chub, thicktail chub, phantom shiner, Clear Lake splittail, deepwater cisco, Snake River sucker, least silverside, Ash Meadows poolfish, whiteline topminnow, Potosi pupfish, La Palma pupfish, graceful priapelta, Utah Lake sculpin, Maryland darter.

    There is a deeper meaning and long-term importance of extinction. When these and other species disappear at our hands, we throw away part of Earth's history.

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    • We erase twigs and eventually whole branches of life's family tree. Because each species is unique, we close the book on scientific knowledge that is important to an unknown degree but is now forever lost. The biology of extinction is not a pleasant subject. The vanishing remnants of Earth's biodiversity test the reach and quality of human morality.

      Species brought low by our hand now deserve our constant attention and care.