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This is indeed what the law of vibration points to. This law is this statement in action: Energy first, physical second. Ricci-Jane Adams.

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Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph. She is an author, speaker and trainer of soul seekers all around the world. Her mission is to mainstream the intuitive sciences so we can all live with wild abundance, infinite power and inevitable success!

Ricci-Jane has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism. She has spent over twenty years devoted to her spiritual awakening.

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What do we truly want, with every fiber of our body? Where are we constantly directing our thoughts? What does our heart weep for?

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The universe is like a jury — listening, watching, and waiting to be convinced by the evidence we place in front of it. Have we shown clarity of intention? Have we demonstrated sufficient passion? Are we reaching for what we want?

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Or is our intention a mere hopeful thought. In other words, a man is the sum total of his beliefs and convictions, which manifest themselves in the daily life he leads. Five minutes of visualization each day for 30 days is nothing compared to the hours of other thoughts that drew my focus during that time. I know this sounds almost paradoxical to the self-reliance I often preach, but we need to understand that there are bigger forces at play. Our concept of time is constructed. Our minds, always seeking instant gratification, tend to believe that what we want must arrive today, or soon after.

However, the universe moves at a different pace. If we trust it, it does deliver.

Our Mission

Deep inside, I never did believe that I would get the money. Though I did let go of the intention, I had no faith that the universe would deliver. My intention was just a hopeful wish, a stab in the dark. Our energy needs to vibrate at the same frequency as what it is we are seeking. If we want to watch football, we switch to channel xxx and see 22 players kicking a ball about.

The Law of Vibration

When we want to watch the news, we turn over to CNN. We have to adjust our environment so that our vision can flourish. It was as if the universe conspired in my favor to reconstruct my reality, as I was fully immersed in my vision. We all want a quick fix. However, the real law is the Law of Vibration. The Law of Attraction is only the byproduct of understanding and working with the Law of Vibration. Go vibrate your whole being — mind, heart, and soul — into what you seek. Only then will the Law of Attraction start working.