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I said repeatedly in my head "I'm not afraid". I awoke crying about a couple of minutes later. The fourth time was October 30th. I have now moved back to the place I lived the first time I had an ancounter. The last time I checked the clock it was At the moment I fell "asleep" I heard the door slam shut, someone sat down on my bed and grasped my feet firm. I tried to screm, no sound.

It made a murring deep sound like trying to speak and what i heard from it, it said "Who are you". I tried to get it off me and it fell on the floor in front of my bed, I threw myself at the floor reaching for the door handle but was thrown back in bed. I still couldn't scream and still felt paralyzed even though in this incident I wasn't.

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It was back on top of me now with it's elbow against my throat As sudden as it came, it was gone. The door was slammed shut and my quilt was down at my feet.

Incubi, Succubi and Sleep Paralysis

I am percent sure that there is no one in the house that eithe closed the door to my room or pulled down my quilt. This does sound very distressing. The early encounters you describe sound most like sleep paralysis with hypnopompic hallucinations.


The last encounter seems more like an episode of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder which could possibly account for the closed door and moved quilt. Other explanations are also possible.

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Both of these topics were briefly covered in some of my earlier posts. In any case I would recommend discussing these episodes with your physician with a possible request for referral to a sleep specialist if needed. Are you religious at all? Whether you are or not, if I were you I would seek help from a preist, a catholic or christian preist. Most preists are familar with this and they might be able to help you ro give you advice. Good luck.

Monster of the Week: Incubi and Succubi | Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Im interested in seeing how it goes for you. I began experiencing these attcks when I was fifteen and have had them quite often for the past seven years. I had never found any research that could explain them, and the more I had the more I was able to know that even though I was consumed by terror I did have the consciousness to tell myself I was just having a "night terror" a description I used just because of the feeling and lack of info on what they actually were while experiencing them.

Some were very basic, just a dark presence or noise, some were extremely detailed and sensory and lasted for what felt like hours.

I notice that they are more frequent when I under stress or anxiety, or I am avoiding some type of emotion throughout the day. Mine became so common that during the attacks I began to focus on my breathing, repeating in and out in and out to myself to retain some sense of calm. Though at some point the pressure on my head or the feeling of being crushed, or a dark presence and noise gets more intense, if I focus on my breath, and practice a "determination" in knowing I am safe and that nothing can harm me, it has definitely helped me come out of paralysis and wake up faster, and now I wake up with a much less intense feeling of terror.

I have found just through trial and error that maintaining well-being, different practices in using the consciousness I have while in these attacks, they have become less frequent and consume much less of my head space. I had one the other night and was actually able to sing to myself a song i liked during it to keep my emotions and head out of the terror while it was happening until I could "wake up" I've spent years wondering what this is from and what I can learn from it.

In a strange way it has pushed me to become more aware of what emotionally, mentally, diet wise what triggers them that is not conducive to my all around state of health. Though I know there are many other factors and unknowns, I have gotten quite a bit of interesting info and awakening due to this sleep disorder. I am so glad to be hearing about all this and finding it, because when you have these frequently is difficult to explain and can be quite frusterating, and you lose quite a bit of sleep!

Thanks for everyones input and I hope more is revealed. Hopefully some of that helped. Michael prayer. All I ask you is to pray when that happens. Call on the name of Jesus. He is the only name by which even demons bow down. However intense they are, I have found only one way out. I have had attacks even with my husband in bed with me n s so just know attacks are personal. Hello Today I had the worst and most terrifying attack.

Usually I am pinned down, choked and can't breathe. Sometimes I feel as if I am being raped. I fight to awaken and I feel I am conscious and I say "here we go again! I can get out of this! I read an article to try to take control of the experience and I have had some success.

There have been times when I have been able to manipulate the situation and have had the power to alter the experience by "flying over mountains and oceans. But today I finally saw the face of the monster on top of me glowing in red. And for the first time when I called on Jesus Christ to save me, I awoke- heart pounding out of my chest, struggling to catch my breath and sweating. I am so sick of this, is there anyone out there that can help?

It is interesting how psychologists try to dismiss the other planes of existence that are very real. There was a movie, "Incubus" based on real events about a woman in CA who experienced an incubus and had it verified by the psychiatrist who attended her. She sought his help because she thought she was loosing her mind. The entity that engaged her did so sexually and it was very real to the woman experiencing this.

It would restrain her and move objects around in her room while she tried to sleep. It was after her for sex.

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The events led to the Dr wanting to try to capture the entity away from her house after they discovered that it would follow her. They attempt to capture was unsuccessful, however, the damage caused by this attempt to the campus was real and substantial. The woman ended up moving to Texas and the attacks subsided some but never completely went away. How can I get a copy of the movie I seen it as a kid and I really want to see it again. Thank you! I would very much like to contact you privately if possible, because I don't want to influence other people with my words.

Why are demons blamed for sleep paralysis?

I have a friend that used to be a psychiatrist and he thinks I am pretty normal besides this dream problem, that he can not possibly understand. I would like to talk to you, maybe we can offer each other some information and help. Is this possible somehow? It sounds like you have had some difficult experiences related to this issue. I would recommend talking with a sleep specialist in your area. Wishing you all the best.

Incubi and Succubi: Crushing Nightmares and Sex-Craving Demons – Part I

Why is this issue so difficult to conduct research on? I can think of a few reasons such as violations of certain ethical research codes. Aside from journal entries from the vast population, why not try to induce this sort of effect onto the body?

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  7. Perhaps there is a drug out there that triggers this? Is it possible that certain people who experience this just simply have more of these chemicals in their brain or body? Perhaps just higher levels or certain human barbiturates?? And what are the solutions for those who experience this? Obviously not E. I personally have a girlfriend who has experienced this as early as she can remember. Strange enough she is from a culture that widely believes in the "demon on the chest myth" Her ethnic background comes from the Hmong tribes in Southern China.

    They are a very nomadic group and there so call homeland has not reached the level of technological order of many other nations such as our own. I have experienced this once in my lifetime. And I did not have any vivid visualizations at all.