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This course includes a component designed to enhance students research experience.

Il principe di Niccolò Machiavelli

Works by first- and second-generation authors of Italian background. Texts available in both Italian and English. Given in English. An analysis of the neorealist period in Italian cinema, and its relation to the political and social climate of post-war Italy. Screenings include selections from the major exponents of Italian neorealism: Rossellini, DeSica and Visconti, among others. The evolution of Italian cinematic neorealism and its historical heritage is examined in the early films of Fellini, Antonioni, Pasolini and others.

In this course we will consider how in nineteenth- and twentieth- century literature, fantastic and monstrous figures reflect the anxieties of the modern subject over the social, economic and existential transformations wrought by modernity. This course focuses on issues of genre and authorship in the context of a general discussion of Italian film-making as a national and popular tradition. For students who have completed ITAY1. Discussion of problems of grammar, style, and composition.

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Language analysis based on readings of Italian authors. One hour a week of oral practice. A survey of artists, writers and thinkers from the time of Dante to the days of Leonardo. During field trips, the streets, squares, churches and palazzi of many cities serve as living laboratories for a discussion of the topography of mediaeval and Renaissance cities. Guest Review Guidelines

Analysis of a selection of philosophical, artistic, musical, and literary works from the age of the Baroque to the present. The main topics of discussion include: Romanticism, Italian unification, theatre, opera, Futurism, fascism, Neorealism, regional differences, and industrialization. Field trips and viewing of movies included. Concepts of general linguistics. Italy as a linguistic entity. The structure of contemporary Italian, with special regard to its sound system and grammatical categories.

This course deals primarily with morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis, but also discusses the educational uses of linguistics. Starting with a survey of the sociolinguistic situation in Italy before Unification, this course deals with the complex relationship between regional languages and dialects on the one hand and Common Italian on the other. The recent rise of regional variants of Italian and its impact on the dialects are also discussed. A course designed for advanced students. Written translation of a variety of non-technical texts from English into Italian and Italian into English.

Focusing on compelling themes arising from critical and theoretical debates in 20th-century culture, this course analyzes poetic, narrative and dramatic works by major Italian modern and contemporary authors. Issues examined include acting techniques, improvisation, masks and costumes, iconography and adaptation to film. The area of concentration will depend upon the instructor teaching the course in any given year.

Offered only during the summer through the Summer Abroad Program. An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. Given in English Prerequisite: Completion of at least Study of Italian Dramas comedy, tragedy, opera from the 16th to the 20th centuries with focus on staging and acting techniques through the production of a specif play or operatic piece. An analysis of the most representative works of 20th-century Italian dramatists, from Pirandello to Fabbri to Fo. The short story genre and its development from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The short story genre and its development from to the present.

Authors to include Pratesi, Verga, Negri, Landolfi. A course on specific topics in Italian Studies, designed for advanced students.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

Prerequisites: Completion of atleast 7. This is an experiential learning course that will be structured and conducted as a workshop. This course consists of a historical overview of Italian Language, from the first Medieval documents to the texts of the Questione della lingua. The first part of this course also deals with both the historical grammar the linguistic transition from Latin to Italo-Romance and the analysis of early Italian texts. A continuation of ITA H, this course examines the evolution of the Italian Language from the debates of the Questione della lingua to issue pertaining to the Contemporary Age, via not only a close reading of the literary and not literary documents but also through analyses of the social, political and economical situations which influenced the formation of the Early modern, Modern, and Contemporary Italian.

A study of the different concepts of man and his place in society, as exemplified in Italian literature from the late 15th to the 18th century. An analysis of the process of adaptation in an exploration of the ideological and narratological perspectives as well as the stylistic elements of literary and cinematic discourse. A study of the more complex areas of Italian syntax, stylistics and semantics. Discussion of problems and difficulties relating to syntax, vocabulary and style as they arise from individual compositions or essays.

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Reading and linguistic analysis of selected Italian literary texts. A continuation of the study of the more complex aspects of Italian syntax, stylistics and semantics. Cultural movements and feminist issues as reflected in the writings of various periods. Students enrolled in an Italian Studies Program will have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in the program of studies in a work placement environment.

The work placement will take place in local community organizations, corporations, private business organizations, and local media.

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