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The answer, at one level, is obvious. He is thirsting for the Father, who is his meat and drink. But whose presence, having for a time been withdrawn, has now become an absence so excruciating as to intensify that thirst to a point beyond bearing. In his forsakenness he is expelled from his element, which is God. So he now experiences thirst: thirst of the body, but even more thirst of the spirit, thirst for presence.

A darkness so deep, so impenetrable, in other words, can only be felt by one who has experienced the closest possible proximity to the light, to that intimacy and union with the Father which defines their relationship from all eternity. What else could account for so insistent a thirst but an experience of emptiness brought on by the sheer joy and blessedness of a life no longer felt? But it is precisely here that another and yet more amazing level opens up, one in which both Christ and creation are participants, protagonists even, in a drama that is both divine and human.

Whose theme, once again, is thirst. For Christ in the very extremity of his longing, his thirst for God, is crying out to us also, in order that we might acknowledge the boundlessness of his desire, his unending thirst for us. In his longing for us, for the lost world he has come to save, for the least human being who suffers, he hopes that we might be so moved by the gesture as to wish to draw near to him.

And why should we want to do that? Which we do whenever we reach out to another human being, extending ourselves to allow Christ to use us to assuage their thirst. This was the great discovery that a little Albanian nun by the name of Mother Teresa made on a train traveling to Darjeeling back in , when she was just thirty-six years old. A town set in the foothills of the Himalayas, she had gone there for her annual retreat at the Loreto Convent, situated some four hundred miles from the teeming city of Calcutta, where the most destitute of all would await her future attentions although neither she nor they could know this yet.

That only amid circumstances of absolute pain and loss, of a dispossession and loneliness so profound as to strip him of everything, would he reveal the depth of his thirst for the Father—and for us. Years spent in ardent and unremitting thirst for any and all for whom Christ had first evinced his great and unquenchable thirst. What does it mean? Or who he wants you to be for him.

I Thirst': Mother Teresa's Devotion to the Thirst of Jesus

Death is not the end of it all - it is the beginning of it all! And so let us ask the intercession of these two extraordinary saints of mercy, St. Faustina Kowalska and St. Teresa of Calcutta, as we approach the end of the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. Let us entrust ourselves and all those most in need of God's mercy to their prayers, and practice the works of mercy with the same faith and devotion that St.

Faustina and St. Teresa exhibited throughout their lives. To learn more about St.


Faustina, St. Jubilee-Lead Story Marian. George Kosicki, CSB explores Jubilee Year Ends with an Apostolic Letter Here's the path that we are called to follow in the future. Nearly 1, people attended to "Be Transformed" by Divine Mercy! Official promoters of the authentic Divine Mercy message since All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Marian Fathers. Called to Answer Christ's 'Thirst' for Souls. The following, by the late Fr.

A Meditation by Mother Teresa- I Thirst For You.

On Sept. She referred to this calling as her "vocation within a vocation," a calling to serve Christ "among the poorest of the poor.

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Or who He wants you to be for Him. The heart and soul of [Missionaries of Charity] is only this - the thirst of Jesus' Heart, hidden in the poor. A soft moan issued from His Heart. I come longing to console you and give you strength, to lift you up and bind all your wounds. I bring you My light, to dispel your darkness and all your doubts. I come with My power, that allows me to carry you: with My grace, to touch your heart and transform your life.

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I come with My peace, to calm your soul. I know you like the palm of my hand.

I know everything about you. Even the hairs of your head I have counted. Nothing in your life is unimportant to Me. I have followed you through the years and I have always loved you even when you have strayed.

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I know every one of your problems. But I love you as you are, and I have shed My Blood to rescue you. And I carried it all for you, so you could share My strength and My victory.

I know, above all, your need for love, how much you are thirsting for love and tendernesss. Yet, how many times have you desired to satisfy your thirst in vain, seeking that love with selfishness, trying to fill the void within you with passing pleasures, with the even greater emptiness of sin.

I will satisfy you and fill you. Do you thirst to be loved? Yes, that is the only way to even begin to describe My love for you. I thirst to love you and to be loved by you. Come to Me, and I will fill your heart and heal your wounds. I will make you a new creation and give you peace even in your trials. There is no one that interests me in the whole world than you. Open up to Me, come to Me, thirst for Me, give me your life. I will prove to you how important you are for My Heart.

Trust in Me. I promise you before My Father in Heaven that I will work miracles in your life. Why would I do this? All I ask of you is that you entrust yourself to Me completely.