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It's not awful, I guess, but it definitely weakens a book that otherwise had me hooked from the very first word. That said, can't wait for Issue 2! I hadn't planned to buy this one after reading a few reviews online, but I picked the first issue up on a whim and I'm hooked for sure. Mar 13, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: It's an interesting twist on several tried-and-true elements, including, but not limited to, prison-break Who doesn't love Shawshank Redemption?

Since the series is also set in hell, Bunn has room to explore common supernatural themes of guilt, redemption and horror, as well.

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The art is solid, but the main event is Cullen Bunn's writing. Suddenly a net came out of nowhere and trapped most of the crew but the Dwarven spider cut them free. Drake casts detect life and only detects the crew.

Drake shook his head when suddenly a Nord in armour that appears to be plated with ice attacks Drake with a dagger but is quickly pushed into the water. The junk blows up and more Nord pirates in stalhrim armour and helmets with curved, downwards-pointing horns and eye guards attack the crew with maces made of stalhrim. The crew is tied up in the bridge as the robots are put in crates and nailed shut.

The captain, wearing a stalhrim helmet with straight upwards-pointing horns rather than the normal horns, approaches the neutralised crew with a roll of duct tape, and tapes Drake's mouth shut before telling his crew to send him away. Now tell me, why did you let us live? I'm guessing that you found it and beaten the King of Ghosts and taken his armour, good for you. Billy owes me five-hundred Septims, but only if we get out of this.

I've seen your captain wearing it at the unveiling of the Dragon exhibit of Dragonsreach Museum. If you don't give me the location of these bones, your captain burns! Drake looks up at his crew as he is tied to a crate suspended over the flaming remains of the junk by a levitation spell and shakes his head to Teldryn.

Harold gives a hand signal to the Dunmer with the levitation spell, and he drops Drake into the sea. With science and technology comes innovation, including the world of exorcism where elite teams venture into the multitude of hells to save lost souls. Guns and bombs help, too.

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When Orpheus went to rescue his wife Eurydice from Hades after her death, Hades agrees to bring her back to life on one condition — Orpheus must not look back as he returns to the surface. The true tragedy of the story is when he does, and Euridice is lost forever. Or perhaps not the afterlife, but demon possession? The Catholic Church subcontracts a special group known as Project Kerberos to do just that. I adored seeing an entire room full of monsters throwing a masquerade and channeling Marie Antoinette for fashion.

Bunn does get massive bonus points for having the female character not be white, as we need more female characters in comics, and definitely more female characters of color. At all.

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We are introduced to what could potentially be seven major characters going forward in the story, and only one of them is a woman. Even if someone were to argue that women still make up a minority of the military, there could easily be two women in the squad and they would still be a minority. More than one woman could be on this team.

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Chief writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. Father of two.

Comic book clairvoyant. Political cartoonist. Skip to content. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Hellbreak Part 3 Bookeveryone.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Hellbreak 3 Review Unholy grail.

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Volume 1, Siege perilous. Sherman Oaks, CA. Field Manual FM Interview With Author! Track workers drop an F1 car three stories from a crane onto the track. Chaos ensues.. Intersection of Life and Faith.