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Got a letter - maybe better that I get a piece of you instead.

All the chatter doesn't matter when you realize it wasn't read. Can't be nothing when it's something that will get attention anyhow, Like a doggy in the window with his head a-going up and down. Sister Suzie with an Uzi that eventually got her fame.

Next door neighbors doing favors for a pipe dream in the media drain. Have a vision in collision with the vehicles you had to rent. Loud as honey dripping money for ideas in retirement. Little Brother watching Big Brother watching for a thought disease. And no one caught 'em picking petals in the minds of psychodaisies.

Global Village Idiot - A Standup comedy special by Aditi Mittal

Stop the world, stop the world, I'm a global village idiot. Leave this field empty.

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Skip to content. Indian comic perhaps too safe and informative. Robert Peacock 30 August Popular Radio 4 comic talks about his Darwin-inspired new show.

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A fast-paced and pun filled show from an acclaimed Fringe stand-up that never loses steam. A topsy-turvy conversational evening of craic, not for the easily offended. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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