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She had studied for several years under a Korean shaman then a Siberian shaman which had involved visiting Russia and then with a Buddhist shaman from Nepal in the Himalayas, to which she had also been visiting. She had visited many of the sacred Druid sites throughout Austria, and was now running the Austrian Druid Order with her partner, with whom she had 7 children.

Next Uthair Ariwinnar introduced himself, he had been studying and practising Druidry for many years ,having been born in Austria, and identified with the Celtic traditions of his native land, which long pre-dated both the Roman and Germanic cultural presences there. He had organised cycles of worship, and given many presentations in schools and groups throughout Austria and was a well know Druid figure on the Austrian cultural landscape.

He worked as a psychotherapist helping disturbed adolescents. He had also served for some 7 years in the Austrian army but had left it feeling that it was not right to have a weapon in his hand and that he would rather work for peace in the world. Malinda Nagelseder introduced herself, as living in Fedkirch, Austria, where she was hoping shortly to go to University to study law, and following eventually a career as a lawyer.

She had been brought up in a family that practiced Druidry as their way of life and so felt it was also her own chosen path. Ayaka Seguchi — was living in Switzerland, in the capital city of Berne, and had just graduated from the Gymnasium and was hoping to go soon to University to study the human sciences. She explained she was of Japanese origin and had been visiting in Japan many times although she lived in Switzerland.

She felt both European and Japanese. She had recently visited Hiroshima and Tokyo. So she was a global citizen, half Japanese and half Swiss, who wanted to do what she could to help make the world a more peaceful place.

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She was currently visiting with Thomas and helping the work of the European Peace Museum. Agenda item 1. We heard that in Austria there is no teaching in the formal curriculum that pupils receive about Druidry apart from a little information in the context of history classes. The Austrian Druid order has however been invited in to give workshops and talks to specific schools throughout Austria and this has always been a success with pupils.

We discussed academic work underway and Uthair shared the name of one specific academic interested in Druidry, teaching at the University of Vienna Dr Helmut Birkhan.

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Thomas expressed his surprise that as far as he could discover there was no Masters level degree course anywhere in Europe which covered Druidry as its core. Thomas will be investigating whether it might be possible to set up a Master course in Druidry at a University in France or elsewhere in Europe. He also mentioned he runs the Global Green University, and students can already conduct higher research into Druidry through that institution. Other universities running courses in Celtic studies and places running such course include the University of Wales, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh.

It is also taught at the University of Vienna. Marburg, Vienna and Bonn maintain formal programs of study; Marburg offers an M. The chair in Celtic studies at Humboldt University of Berlin was abolished in While we agreed that Celtic Studies is not the same as Druid Studies by any means, most of the experts teaching and studying at Departments of Celtic Studies had an interest in aspects of Druid Studies, and there was a natural overlap between the two disciplines.

There is also, it seems, the European Symposia in Celtic Studies which continues the series of five German-speaking symposia, which took place in Gosen near Berlin , Bonn , Marburg , Linz and Zurich. This scientific body was founded on 7th September in Zurich, on the occasion of the 5. Deutschsprachiges Keltologensymposium and took the legal form of an association under Swiss law domiciled in Zurich on 15th April Its goal is to support the scholarly study of Celtic languages, literatures, and cultures in research and teaching and to promote cooperation among Celtic scholars of different disciplines.

We also discussed extra-academic druid courses such as those run by the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and the British Druid Order, which several of those present had studied. We also discussed the status of religious education in the European school systems: many school systems encourage religious education, as in the UK, others do not, as in France.

France has just issued a Charter of Laicite for Schools which declares that religious education is a matter for personal conscience not for public education. The problem with this approach however, is that by denying pupils any knowledge of religious beliefs, how can they make truly informed choices?

Diagnostic information:

Russia since has made religious education mandatory in all Russian schools. But such a religious education should be broad based, inclusive, holistic, including all historic and present religions in Europe, and also including the historical pagan religions of ancient European cultures, such as Druidry of which there are still many living practitioners alive today in many different European countries. This stereotype needs amending for the sake of intellectual coherence. Elite schools like Eton or Winchester all teach Classics — all schools should however teach Classics but also at least some aspects of authentic Druidry.

We had a useful discussion of our respective experiences with using and recommending natural medicines.

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Does the EU current legislation hinder or prevent holistic thinking around natural medicines? He then grew the plants in botanical greenhouses back in his university, and then analysed their medical components, and discovered how they worked. Since then, this work has been replicated and many such Living Pharmacies, as they are called, have been grown all over Brazil, with doctors being encouraged to use these native medical treatments.

We discussed whether we could not do the same in Europe? Surely between us, the Druids of Europe must know the most effectively medical remedies which can be grown locally, and then these living pharmacies can also be replicated continent wide, thus undercutting the need to expensive laboratory manufactured pharmaceutical medicines. In each of these countries interfaith relations vary. He has also been attending interfaith events in India on many occasions as well as in North America. The representatives of the Austrian Druid order present also explained they had taken part in interfaith events in Austria on many occasions.

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Thomas shared he had recently convened a Symposium on Mary Magdalene which several esoteric Christians had attended, and felt that the Cathars and Gnostic Christians were more akin to Druids. However Thomas explained he had excellent ties with more Gnostic or Sufi Muslims.

We discussed Druid relations with Hindus and shared our respective stories of travels to India - Awen Nagelseder explained that she had for many years studied with a Hindu shaman from Nepal and found his teachings entirely in harmony with her own Druid systems of beliefs and practices. Concerning relations with wider pagans in Europe Thomas explained he had been involved in convening the Pagan European Academic Network and had given a keynote speech that Summer as part of an online symposium on pilgrimage in Pagan Europe, which can still be viewed on line.

We also discussed links between Buddhists and Druids, which were on the whole excellent, and Thomas explained the Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation, based around a Tibetan Lama, sat on the Council of British Druid Orders since Dharma was one and universal shared by Druids and Buddhists alike. Thomas shared some of his mediation work with the Buddhist community. The situation in Burma was worrying, however. We also discussed how Shintoism and Druidry were very similar, and Ayaka Seguchi shared something of her experiences in visiting Shinto shrines. Thomas had been to many Jain peace conferences in India and they were always respectful of the Druids since we recognised many similarities in our respective teachings.

Thomas explained he had authored the Interfaith Peace treaty which was the first time members of different faith communities were being asked to sign up to a lasting peace treaty between each other as a way of lessening the religious aspects of conflicts, and many pagans, Druids and people of faith had already signed this historic document as a sign of good faith. We also discussed access to sacred sites for ritual purposes in Europe, such as at Stonehenge, and Thomas shared his work as Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge and that he had chaired some 35 meetings nearby Stonehenge to discuss getting a better arrangement for visiting pagans and Druids coming on pilgrimage.

He wanted to eventually set up a Stonehenge Pilgrimage Centre. He shared a book he had published which tells the history of all this work from Very few serious documentary films have been made or shown about Druidry either in history or in the present time. Thomas explained that his partner and colleague, Nicola Hague had been editing one such documentary film for the past 7 years but that it had been stalled up to now for a variety of reasons and was still not available to be seen — a situation one hoped to be corrected soon.

The Austrian Druid order had taken part in occasional radio interviews and likewise Thomas had been on local radio in the UK. We discussed whether films and television and the internet actually constitute Druidical media? Thomas mentioned that Terry Dobney, Archdruid of Avebury, viewed the internet as essentially non-Druidical since it enabled so much false information and lies and disinformation to circulate, with no way of checking its veracity.

Thomas hoped that we could still use the internet and social media vehicles such as Facebook for integral and holistic projects and the dissemination of Druidically valid information and perspectives. Domestic violence continues and relations between the genders are often fraught. We learned that with the huge influx of immigrants into European from Middle Eastern countries, incidents of sexual abuse and sexual violence against women in Austria had seen a large increase, as a direct result of this influx, but that for political reasons the true extent of it was often being hushed up and minimised, with police forces afraid to actually collate the information and statistics.

Although schools often have sex education, which focuses on the practical details of how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, there is very little on emotional maturity and how to understand the powerful forces of love and sex, so that everybody involved benefits. We also discussed homosexuality and why some societies persecute this choice; from a Druid perspective it is perhaps a question of past lives and karmic reconnections.

If we human beings are souls experiencing life as physical beings, then it puts our own needs for happiness and prosperity into a new light, and would mean the reversal of some consumerist obsessions of modern day hi-tech European society, and their replacement by more value driven eco-friendly ways of living.

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