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My '09 Science Fair entry - a device that can use the environment's energy to perform desalination - came from trying to figure out a way to quickly dry my surfing wetsuit. My Calculus BC project - a program that uses Fourier transforms to decompose musical chords picked up by microphone - came from an effort to generate piano sheet music from audio recordings. Studying the background information necessary to make these ideas into reality becomes a natural and exciting step as I journey to create my latest contraption or work with my friends on an enticing project.

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I want to go to Caltech because everybody there has been able to answer the same question I am answering now - that is, they have been able to express their fascination with science or engineering in some way or another. I want to have fun creating our most in-depth and fascinating projects yet. Previous Essay Next Essay. Government Vocabulary Important Documents.

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College Essays. Share Tweet Post Message. Prompt: Interest in math, science, or engineering manifests itself in many forms.

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The engineering design process removes the stigma from failure; instead, failure is an important part of the problem-solving process and a positive way to learn. When classroom instruction includes engineering, all students can see themselves as successful. Hands-on, project-based learning is the essence of engineering.

Classroom engineering activities often require students to work in teams where they must collaborate and communicate effectively. In the 21 st century, these skills will be critical for career success in any field.

Research also shows that when engineering is part of elementary instruction, students become more aware of the diverse opportunities for engineering, science, and technical careers—and they are more likely to see these careers as options they could choose. This finding is important at a time when the number of U.

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Early introduction to engineering can encourage many capable students—but especially girls and minorities—to consider engineering as a career and take the necessary science and math courses in high school. Engineering and technological literacy will be critical for all U. More in this Section Click to open if on a mobile device Why Engineering for Children?