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However, as Haydn's intentions could not be clearly determined, we have decided to follow the order in the Artaria edition of Soon, reprints were issued in German, English, French and Danish language, also assortments of song selections. The publishers did not always follow the original order or titles in the Artaria edition.

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The deviations regarding the German titles are listed below here also, one can deduce that more care was taken in the first part of the song cycle. Especially here, one can appreciate the subtle underlying humour of the text, in which "authenticity" is placed higher than "modish taste" or "virtuosic conceit". The plain keyboard score, in which the melodic line follows that of the voice, suits the tender text. The solo lied with "clavier" accompaniment - clavier meaning in this case the clavichord - became a hit.

The delicate, sensitive instrument not only matched the voice of the dilettante singers well, but also became an instrument to soothe the loneliness and the pain, comfort the heart, enlighten the soul, and symbolize the ties with the beloved. On the other hand, the delicate sound of the clavichord requires a special treatment of the voice, which poses a special challenge for trained voices. The lied "Der schlaue und diensteifrige Pudel" owes its origin to a special circumstance, which is described so vividly by the Haydn biographer Dies, that I would like to quote the story Biographical Reports of Joseph Haydn, recounted and edited after oral narration by Albert Christoph Dies, landscape painter, Vienna , quoted after the 2nd edition Berlin : "Haydn received a letter from a young, foreign maiden I suspect that Haydn used the word 'foreign' to thwart speculations as to her identity , which was so intimate, almost as they had known each other for 20 years.

The maiden wrote that she was daughter of a captain and had fallen in love with an officer, who however would not marry her, unless Haydn, who, as she knew, could not reject a young and well-behaved maiden Haydn could not tell this without smiling had the mercy to help her in this with his heavenly music.

German Language Swiss Literature: Timeline, Writers and Poets

She explained to him then, how and why Haydn could be of a help for her. I shall recount only so much, that the reader would understand the situation. The maiden had sent Haydn verses, which she had written herself, and to which she wished a beautiful melody. She wanted to surprise her lover with this melody, and wanted to sing him the song.

She hoped that she would be touched and thus marry her. The readers would have by now surely speculated on the content of the poem and would expect that she would at least have sung like an angel. As to her singing, one can only presume that her voice could be touching, as she had asked Haydn in the letter, if he would please not make too much demand on her weak breast and allow her to rest often. After having read the title, the readers probably would have wondered why "a cunning and obliging poodle" should tempt an officer to marry her?

Maybe, the story of the poodle would make it clear. The story is real. The poodle was the beloved property of the officer and had the best poodle intelligence The maiden thought that she could win the heart of the officer if she immortalised the deed of the poodle, and, to give Haydn a further incentive to compose a nice melody for her, she enclosed a ducat in the letter.

The circumstances would not allow her to reward him as she would have liked. Haydn composed the music in B-flat major , sent the music with the ducat to the maiden and asked her, if she took him for such a niggard who was eager for a ducat? As a punishment, she should knit a few garters for him herself. The maiden took this seriously, sent him the garters shortly thereafter, informed him that she was ill, and added that if Haydn did not hear from her in the next fourteen days, he should consider her gone.

He did not hear from her again. Probably, owing to her tuberculosis, she grieved herself to death after a danied proposal. Evidently, Haydn himself sang the lied often in the evening, accompanying himself on the "clavier" Albert Christoph Dies. Dies also reports on the last days of Haydn: "On the following day, actually already on the same day, on which Haydn had to lie down, he assembled his servants around him and played the Emperor lied with enthusiasm for them.

To describe poetically: it was the last time, that he felt the presence of the muse, who had appeared to take leave from her favourite for ever. The lied shows a later style through its expressive melodic lines and the keyboard score. The text was originally written as a farewell poem on the occasion of Haydn's departure in August The passionate intonation is in accordance with the mode of the late 18th century.

Heimliche Liebe - Mein Leben als Geliebte

The composition is Haydn's tribute to her in return. The keyboard part of the Italian solo cantanta "Arianna a Naxos" shows a completely different nature, namely an orchestral character. Haydn probably composed the cantata at the end of and performed it many times in in Vienna in "music-loving houses".

On the April , Haydn promised an orchestral version to John Bland, a London publisher, which however never took place. Instead, Haydn published the cantata in the keyboard version himself during his stay in London. The first performance known to us took place with the renowned castrato Gasparo Pacchierotti and Haydn himself at the keyboard at "Mrs. Blair's in Portlad Place".

It was announced that Haydn will play the harpsichord, while, according to the Morning Post, a fortepiano was used. Whichever was the truth, both instruments were conceivable for the composer as well as the audience.

An die ferne Geliebte - Fritz Wunderlich - Beethoven

The cantata became a hit and Haydn's most successful work of the season in England. The audience in London was charmed and "was moved to tears" according to the Morning Post. Unique: The editorially approved PONS Online Dictionary with text translation tool now includes a database with hundreds of millions of real translations from the Internet.

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Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Geliebte r geh veraltet als Anrede : Geliebte r. One example from the Internet. Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. The protagonist of the original story, a poet who is consumed by desire and loses his mind when he is separated from his lover , was reconfigured as a maverick gay man in a milieu where homosexuality functioned as an irruptive form of rebellion, and war as an experience of brutal violence and sexual exhilaration alike.

So near, so fa … is ambiguous : on the one hand it shows simply the temporary nearness of the compositions to our epoch, on the other hand this title contains the longing for the lover , for the homeland, for another world etc. But not the situation has changed, also his friends…further information Peter Kern Domenica Danach lebte er abwechselnd in Zell am See und in der Landeshauptstadt Salzburg.

After that he lived variously in Zell am See near Kaprun and in Salzburg. Jetzt scheint der Weg in die Freiheit offen zu stehen. Tosca ostensibly accedes to the deal, but as Scarpia makes for her, she stabs him. The way to liberty seems free, and Tosca dreams of life with her lover after her deed; but she is jerked brutally back into reality when it transpires that he has been done to death after all. If one sees his deceased parents, which has exactly the opposite meaning, you get good news..

Staying Power

Sees a young woman her late father drives her lover foul play with her, or he will cheat are: Single en it announced early marriage, marry Ver good children, beautiful married life see or speak: de. His silent cry expresses the anguish in our world, always on the verge of chaos. Milshtein escapes into his paintings, leaving the spectator with the hope that words will vanish and images will remain! Thus begins a road movie through the grey metropolis of Seoul, from one acquaintance Byung-Woon hits up for money to the next.

Each of these stations has in store a new indignity for the suspicious, impatient Hee-Su, but also unexpected insights into the life of her former lover , whom she sees in a new light by the end of the exhausting day. Aber ihre Seele konnte keine Ruhe finden und deshalb erscheint sie am Fenster der Kapelle, um ihren Geliebten zu betrauern und die Unsterblichkeit der Liebe zu zeigen.

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