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A clingy, self-righteous mother tops off the cast and brings yet another perspective into an already chaotic life. I really enjoyed the book! Finola Corrado thinks she's living the dream. She's basking in her own glory and about to embark on a grand vacation with her adoring husband when it all explodes in her face just before she's about to go on live television. Her husband drops the bombshell on her that he's been adoring someone else, and she's literally steps away from interviewing the pop sensation trollop on her talk show!


Zennie Schmitt loves her solo life and just can't understand why people keep harping on her to become part of a couple. When the guy she's been casually dating wants to move forward with her, she fails to keep the disdain from her face and he ends up dropping her quicker than she can turn around instead. She's going to concentrate on just enjoying life for a chance Ali Schmitt was on the the cusp of the happiest time of her life seven weeks before her wedding when it all comes crumbling down.

Her loser fiancee sends his brother to break it off with her She has always felt like Daniel disapproved of her as a mate for his brother, but he's being really great in helping her pick up the pieces and cancel this wedding. As time goes by, she starts to wonder if the wrong brother was in her sights the whole time! Emma Manoils More than 1 year ago This was my first book written by this author and I'm comfortable with it being my last. The basic plot was fine and enjoyable enough, but the characters often felt like caricatures.

Talk about over-the-top ridiculous reactions. One minor character decides she can't be friends with another character because that character decides to be a surrogate. The mother and the father never seem to have a normal reaction to anything.

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So much just wasn't believable and I prefer my realistic fiction to be a tad more realistic. If you are willing to completely suspend your belief in what is and is not normal behavior then you may really enjoy this book. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Intriguing plot. Ginaboop More than 1 year ago Susan Mallery is one of my favorite authors. Her books always have me hooked from beginning to end and this one does not disappoint.

A beautiful story of how three sisters deal with the challenges and changes in their lives and the true men who stand by them. Way to go Susan! Nanna51 More than 1 year ago A fun and lovable romance with lots of action! Three sisters all dumped and all have to pull themselves up and make better choices for their lives. FInola was dumped by her husband just before they were to leave on a special trip to Hawaii.

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Zennie has to make the decision about whether to be a surrogate or not. Ali has to find a new place to live and pay off all of the costs of the wedding.

And FInola has to learn how to live without her husband and with her career. Excellent book! About the lives of three girls, their lives touched your heart. Susan is a great writer, I have read her books for years and as soon as I see one of her books coming out I order it. I know you will enjoy it as I did. Well, two of the sisters — one of them definitely has a bit more of a love story going on, without shortchanging any of her personal growth and development. She listens and learns and finds her true self buried behind years of doubt.

I really like the woman she becomes and where her life is heading.

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Finola has to do a lot of self-evaluation. With the betrayal by her husband it is easy to lay the blame totally on him but every relationship has two people in it. Zennie is probably the hardest for me to connect to. I did enjoy how Mallery explores, at least for a while, the idea that not everyone wants or needs to be coupled up.

My only real complaint is that, with three sisters all having a big part of the story, there is a lot of back and forth between them. It is kinda hard to really get into one part of it knowing you are going to be pulled out and into another. There is plenty to smile about but she also delivers on the harder emotions as the sisters evaluate themselves and their lives.

This opinion is completely my own and was not influenced in any way. Firebird28 More than 1 year ago Three sisters, three different personalities, in three different stages of life professionally. While I wouldn't say that this is one of my favorite books by the author, it is well written and I enjoyed seeing how the sisters dealt with the turmoil within their own personal lives as well as how they helped each other out - even if they may not have understood the different choices.

I also enjoyed seeing how each of the sisters grew dare one say, grew up? Hope to see more of them in the future and maybe grow to like the setting and characters more. MelissaReadsManyBooks More than 1 year ago When three sisters all become single at the same time, it's a chance for them to bond closer together as they start over. All three breakups are significantly different, but Finola and Ali have a much harder road to travel than Zennie, who wasn't all that excited to be seeing someone anyway. I truly felt for Finola, who not only had to deal with her husband's shocking news, but she had to do it in the public eye.

The first chapter was just heartrending! I enjoyed the relationship between the sisters, especially as they changed towards the end. It's easy to get wrapped up in your own world and lose that connection. This was a standalone book, but I hope we get a glimpse of these characters in another novel, to see where they go from here. I'd recommend this book to anyone who has a sister, or anyone who's had heartbreak in their lives.

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I had a hard time getting into it at first, but by the middle I was hooked. Three sisters get dumped in the same week and have to come to terms with building their new lives.

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There is anger, heartache, laughter and a coming into oneself ending for each sister. Great story. Finola, the eldest sister, Zennie, the middle, and Ali, the youngest each experience a break-up during the same weekend which significantly alters their lives. Finola has her perfect life fall apart on live television.