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Del Bosque.

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Provide[s] a penetrating glimpse of borderland culture set within the context of a briskly moving police procedural. In Bloodlines , the author gives us both the engrossing drama of a police procedural—from seeming dead ends to panic-stricken emergencies—and a scrupulous journalistic account of a significant episode in the drug wars.

Del Bosque [is] a skilled reporter, unfussy writer, and a storyteller of intense focus. Her book opens up the world of investigative nuance and bureaucratic jostling that could, in less capable hands, feel arcane.


With authoritative reporting and an artful hand, del Bosque drops us onto the front lines of this dangerous narco terrain, and the story she tells will keep readers turning pages all through the night. Recommended for you. Bloodlines by Melissa del Bosque.

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Prior to this final release, a demo version was sent out on September 18, featuring "The Madhouse" by Alexandre Vancomerbeck aka Hades. The beta release was announced on February 11, Threads: Transfusion Forums , Postmortem Forums. First mentioned on January 20, and aiming to finish up the original version's unfinished assets, inspired by the release of BloodGDX and the playing of Blood fan add-ons on YouTube by people such as pagb From all the Blood addons I have played so far I would definitely rank "Bloodlines" really high.

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Atmospherically it's top notch. Absolutely insane. And then there's a level don't remember the name right now where you see the reflection of the houses in a pool, you dive into the water - and you can actually enter those reflections you saw at the surface.

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