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So now there is a group of about a dozen of us who have evening meetings every other week. It was wonderful and I regretted losing those experiences when I went back to work. But, I am still a member, I still go to the working mothers meetings, and I make it when I can to weekend events and have even been known to schedule a vacation day when there is something good during the week that I want to do with my kids.

Or, you could start your own club for working mothers. Your Bright Horizons center is a great place to start. Once our group got going, a lot of new members were attracted by word of mouth. There are way too many people like us out there for us to have to go it alone. I love your post. I know what you mean. I had the same concerns when I took my son to the office for the first time as well as the first time I took him into church. My very wise and experienced older sister gave me great advice — leave the baby strapped into the infant carseat when you first arrive and see how she handles the crowd.

I agree wholeheartedly about children needing downtime. Extracurricular activities are a wonderful opportunity to socialize, learn new skills and have fun but in moderation. I have seen far too many children at my daughters preschool overextending. Besides my daughters half-day preschool, I only allow her two activites a week and the same rule will apply to my son when he enters her school in six months. Right now he is limited to two activities.

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Give Laurie Berkner a listen. We recently saw her in concert and our family favorite song is Victor Vito. Be careful… once it is in your head you cannot get it out.

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My kids love the music and have learned some great words. When I give these out to people, they are for almost anything — watching kids, doing a special project, mowing a yard, etc. Thank your neighbor and let her know how much you appreciate her help. Then, be sure to pack lunches or snacks to share or have pizza delivered to her house while your children are there. Or leave money for them to all go bowling or to the movies. You could also send along craft activities or a movie to share. Bethany mom of two school-agers. My niece struggled with eating for a long time and my sister kept after the doctors — about 3 months later they determined that she has reflux and now takes medicine every day.

A great advantage to child care settings — lots of experience! I would have to say that the eight weeks of a row of early dismissal is ridiculous. Organize a parent protest group and break the union in your town. Why not just make every day an early release day? I would bake the neighbor a pie. Or maybe get your sister to do a few of the early pickups.

Or, best of all, move to a more progressive town — maybe in New Hampshire. However, does a baby spit up so much that she is soaked by noon? IF you must return…My experience with infant care has always been wonderful when the ratio was low — when there were no more than three babies to every teacher and when there was primary care giving and RIE training infant education.

Talk with your teachers about how to transition your child before they begin the school and drop by without calling to reassure yourself and read the chart often and compare to bottles left. It will be harder on you than your child. But it will be ok.

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I know what you mean — Preschool. Best delegation I ever made was to hire a house cleaning service. Put her in a baby bjorn — people can see put she is protected from germs and will feel safe with you. Give up the comfort and go for the advancement! I agree with ModernDad—much to gain, nothing to lose. I would guess that the house will still have that fantastic Thanksgiving day aroma with all of the other foods and if the turkey is good — no one will care where it came from! A couple of years ago, I outsourced the turkey to my husband — on the grill!

They even change my sheets. It costs less than many think. My sister in law hosts Thanksgiving now, and she makes the turkey, but orders most everything else from a great prepared foods service in her town. A few items are outsourced to guests desserts, for instance , and her husband always makes his famous mashed potatoes, but with so many guests and so much else to get ready, I say take advantage of the resources available to you.

If you want to go more homemade you could take digital photos of flat and 3-D art. It can easily be printed and made into a book on your printer or on a photo site like snapfish. I felt grateful at Thanksgiving to be able to share it with my whole extended family; We all cooked together, played football, and reminisced with each other, and, like you, my sister and brother and I were getting along! I am, for once, excited for Christmas!

You can get this limited keepsake edition set at any place that sells DVDs, and it even comes with a bonus music CD!


You can also get it at http: With the arrival of my second son — I decided that a consignment store purchased boots and snowpants was a complete necessity — or we had a high probability of the boys being at school with inadequate snow gear. Not in my opinion — but rather a good use of hand me downs and second hand store purchases that can be donated to someone else in need next year.

As for the day-care staff, I limit the holiday appreciation gifts to the primary teachers and the support staff who spend a significant amount of time in the classroom with my children. To show my appreciation of the other staff director, program coordinator, etc.

Age Is Irrelevant (Until You Hit 40!)

I was at a loss as to how to distrubute holiday cheer, his direct class teachers were a must but the other added alot to his day also, so I went the route of stopping at dunkin donuts for coffes and a mix of bagels donuts muffins… and I left a pile of cards one for each person at the school with a personalized message. In the beginning it can be difficult, but after a while it becomes second nature.

However, they typically lessen in severity so that trace amounts are not a concern like peanuts. Good luck with the transition! I try to avoid turning my children into consumers at every turn. Sometimes we have too much! To keep my kids out of the toy aisle I keep them occupied with arts and crafts.

Now, nearly every night of the week is arts and crafts night at our house. And my husband and I are right there, creating with them! The pictures can even be taken a step further and turned into complete animations, with music, voiceovers and everything needed to tell a story! You should be totally proud of yourself!!!

My son is 2 and I know how hard it is, but you need to stick to your guns or they know they can get away with anything!!! We have found an indoor pool that has a great play area, which is a fun Saturday morning. We go to the library a lot. Our library has a great play area and sometimes even has a weekend story time with puppet show.

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We also spend time at Barnes and Noble…. You had the presence of mind to give your daughter to competent caring caregivers when you were not ok. That is what you are supposed to do. That is called being responsible. You were shaken up by the fall and what could have happened. Of course you needed to regroup. It is so important to take care of yourself. If you are feeling guilty for other reasons then touch base with a good friend or a counselor. It is so hard being a working mom today—we have enough to be worried about and by the way NONE of us is perfect.

Accidents happen — trust me, as a mother of two very energetic boys, I have certainly learned that truth. Trust that your maternal instinct would have kicked in had she needed your immediate attention. There was no need to let her see you in a meltdown! I totally know how you feel.

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  8. I have the exact same problem. We have a 3 year old and a 2 year old.

    Age Is Irrelevant (Until You Hit 40!) : Coupons to Make Your Birthday Brighter

    A great indoor playground. If you have trouble finding it, contact me sahmwl google. You should be proud. This is not a criticizm. They ALL try it over and over again and all ages. You maintained control and you should be proud of that. Is it possible that some people were watching you in approval, or looking for a better way to handle it themselves. Your child has probably already forgotten about what happened. Like the other comments said, you did the right thing and you cannot feel guilty for it.

    You are a good mom and should not doubt that!