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ISBN 13: 9780141354934

By that logic, I should be cobbling together my reaction to Hunger right now but I am so taken by this childhood staple that there's no room in my brain for anything other than uncontrollable glee over this book that another Madeleine has given to the world. I never read this book as a kid.

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I didn't read it as a teenager or a college student. I read it for the first ti I have one general, self-imposed rule about reviewing on this site: I write about the books I've read in the order I've finished them. I read it for the first time with 30 coming at me like a crazed stalker who won't let a pesky thing like a restraining order stand in the way.

And that did concern me, especially after half-heartedly slogging through the first four books comprising the Narnia Chronicles a few years ago before taking an indefinite break from tackling what should have been another enthusiastically remembered staple of a young reader's diet. I was afraid that I'd completely missed out on enjoying A Wrinkle in Time , a novel that I have heard praised up and down by so many people as the prime example of how good children's literature can be.

So I read it like I read as a wee lass who didn't realize that she was poised at the very beginning of what would become a lifelong pursuit of books fueled by an insatiable need to keep reading. I read well past my bedtime with one tiny light illuminating the path to somewhere magically transportive, knowing full well that the bookworm gratification far outweighed the inevitability of being a zombie all morning.

I read it when I should have been doing something else as dictated by responsibility. I read to be told a story and to consider ideas I'd never come across in the world beyond two covers, sure, but mostly I read to give myself up to a writer's lush landscape, to lose myself in someone else's words. I read it to let my imagination run free through a universe I fervently and fruitlessly wished to be a part of. And my adult self was just as enchanted as my inner child was.

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Sure, A Wrinkle in Time has its faults but I honestly couldn't tell you what they are because I was so thoroughly entertained, so taken with these characters I couldn't believe I could relate to in a way that was far less remote and removed than I expected which is to say, at all that all the things my nitpicky, pretentious post-English-major self would usually hone in on paled in comparison to the sheer enjoyment of the rush of letting a book completely suck me into its world to the point where the real world could have collapsed around me and I wouldn't've either cared or noticed because I was so wrapped up in this story.

On one hand, yeah, I do feel a little cheated that so much of what I needed to hear as a kid has lived within these pages all this time and I could have had such imperatives by my side to ease the pains of childhood's harsh but necessary learning experiences had I just shown even a fraction of some interest in this book. Among them: One's parents are not infallible. Weaknesses can become strengths -- nay, tools integral to besting some truly harrowing obstacles -- in the right circumstances.

That sometimes you have to face down scary or unpleasant truths, and you're not excused from looking away or backing down just because the task ahead is either scary or unpleasant. It's better to embrace your individuality and not compromise yourself, no matter how uncomfortable you are in your own skin, than to mindlessly submit to the herd mentality and easy conformity. Just because something appears strange doesn't make it bad -- or all that strange at its core, after all.

What things are is infinitely more important than what they look like. But conversely?

A Wrinkle in Time (A Puffin Book)

This book drenched my ordinary existence with fantasy's magic for a few days, and I'm sure it'll stick with me in the days to come. My first encounter with this book wasn't a foggily but fondly recalled childhood memory that's destined to be tarnished by the darkening cynicism of the years upon revisits from my older self.

I got to experience the breathless wonder of a kid discovering an instant favorite for that very first time as an oasis of sheer escapist rapture in the face of a few intense work days and the humdrum nature of routine adulthood. And it proved to me that I don't always have to be such a goddamn snob about kid lit because when it's good, it is extraordinary. And, really, let's be honest: Younger Me wasn't exactly the sharpest crayon in the tool shed, so who's to say I would have picked up on the more subtle elements that made this such a delightful read, anyway?

Despite my natural inclination toward hyperbole, I am not exaggerating when I say I'm a little better for having read this book, one that I initially arrived at out of dubious curiosity and left in a state of giddy, childlike awe. And maybe a few tears. View all 51 comments. Meg and Charles are very intelligent, therefore outcasts, but where their twin siblings, who are of normal IQ, fit in just fine.

One day, her father goes missing and Meg, Charles, and their new friend, Calvin, meet a very peculiar trio, who take them on an intergalactic adventure that they will never forget. Overall, this was a super enjoyable read, that totally did give me a swift kick in the nostalgia feels. I do feel like there is a little something here for everyone, and even though this is considered a middle grade book, I do think it holds up pretty well for most ages.

And honestly?

Even reading this in , this is still a very unique book. Feb 05, Crumb rated it it was ok. What can I say about a book that is hailed as one of the greatest pieces of fiction of all time?

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1) by Madeleine L'Engle

I really can't. I will not disrespect this book by saying anything negative about it. I think my opinions about this book may have changed over the years, but that by no means makes this a poor read. Definitely some political innuendo there.. However, it simply didn't resonate with my older self as it had with my younger self. With that said, I can still recognize this for what it was: A book ahead of its time that was extremely controversial.

It has seen much success and has been exulted by fans everywhere. View all 39 comments. Dec 02, Sid rated it really liked it Shelves: classics. The innocence and sweetness of this story just took me back to my own childhood fantasies. Sometimes we as grown ups should read books like this to reinforce our beliefs in the fact that in our not-so-perfect lives, we can still look for that little spark of magic that the hidden child in all of us needs to hold on to. Loved reading this book!

How can I never have read this before??! Have I been living under a rock my entire life? In short, I loved it. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Hope Davis - and she was amazing. Thirteen year-old Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace end up going on a little trip..

They go with Mrs. What-Its, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Witch and a young man named Calvin. Yes, the 5th dimension exists my friends and the trip takes a mere second or two see, I knew it! Why do they go you ask? With help of Calvin, Mrs. Witch and a friend she encounters named Aunt Beast, Meg is sent off to do the impossible. Finding the strength to fight IT takes something special. It takes something that is inside of everyone who is human.

Meg just has to find it. It was amusing, frightening, intense, intelligent, oh so magical. I simply adored it. I wanted to get to it before the movie came out in a few months and I am so glad I did. If for some reason, you are like me and have never read it, I highly recommend you either read or listen to the audiobook. You will not be sorry.

A Wrinkle in Time will leave you breathless. One minute a huge smile will break out on your face, and you will be grinning from ear to ear and then next you will be clenching your teeth, scared for Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin, hoping against hope that all will turn out ok. Published on Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter on View all 62 comments. I just finished reading this for the first time since, maybe college? Twelve year old Meg Murry, her precocious five year old brother Charles Wallace, and their new friend Calvin meet some highly odd beings who call themselves Mrs.

This strange, quirky trio sweeps the children away on an interstellar quest to find and rescue Meg and Charles Wallace's missing father. They fold space and time through tesseracts the "wrinkle" in time and space and battle the dark I just finished reading this for the first time since, maybe college? They fold space and time through tesseracts the "wrinkle" in time and space and battle the darkness that has taken over other planets and shadows ours.

This book is noticeably old-fashioned and a little simplistic in several ways. The symbolism and the links to religion and scriptures aren't subtle, and Meg's anger and stubbornness gets old, though it's interesting to see how those character traits can in some situations stand her in good stead. Also, in fairness it is a middle grade book, though a lot of older readers love it.

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There's something really lovely about the book's ultimate message and themes. I enjoyed revisiting it again after all these years. I'm going to stick with my original 4 star rating, though I'm pretty sure that the nostalgia factor is playing into this rating. Full review to come! January buddy read with the Pantaloonless group. I'm interested to see how it holds up! View all 20 comments. Shelves: majorinfluences. Madeleine L'Engle is a Christian writer, more so even than C. Lewis in my opinion. However, while the influence of Christian Theology and in later books, biblical history is woven throughly through out all the books in this series, it is not offensive to non-Christian readers.

I am one of those.